Senior Citizen Organizations Provide Medical Alert Systems to Needy- No More Fees.

Lady Wearing The Medical AlertSenior Citizen Organizations Provide Medical Alert Systems to Needy- No More Fees.


Senior Organization – Caregivers – Churches – Fire Departments – Provide Medical Alert Systems for Seniors with No Monthly Charges.

Organizations all over the U.S. and Canada are now realizing they can provide Medical Alert Systems to Seniors without having to pay the Monthly Charges that are being charged by the Big Monitoring Companies.

These systems call Friends, Family or 911 directly if needed. This allows the senior to get help quickly without the monthly expense.

The No Monthly Fee Senior Alert System Is Finally Here. Assistive Technology Services LLC announces this new technology that will save millions of seniors thousands of dollars every year.

Advancements in technology now allows seniors to own their medical alert system and not be tied to a medical alert monitoring service. This frees the seniors and their families from having to be tied into lengthy and costly multi-year contracts that cost thousands of dollars for the user.

Assistive Technology Services LLC now provides a unique two-way talk through medical alert pendant with a very long range (600 feet – two football fields) if coverage.

The pendant, when pressed will call friends, family or even 911 if needed. This saves time and money for the user.

Pacemaker safe, long range and water resistance makes this the perfect safety solution for millions of seniors all over the world.

Lightwieght & Waterproof

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Did You Know? You Don’t Have to pay $49 a month for a Medical Alert System. You Pay $0 Per Month. Learn More

One Button Summons HelpThe World’s First Programmable

2-Way Voice Pendant Communicator With

No Monthly Fees

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Senior Gentleman Wearing The Alert

  Home Alert systems go by many names such as senior alert, senior alarms, personal emergency response systems, elderly alert systems, 911 dialers, emergency call button for elderly, call button for seniors, emergency telephones and more.
NO OTHER system by any name has the features of this system. NO OTHER system has the ability to allow you to Talk Through the pendant and Answer a Phone Call right through the pendant. NO OTHER system has a 1 time charge and no monthly fees ever.

Safety – Carry the emergency call button all over your home and yard with you, even in the shower.


Save Dollars – With No Monthly Fees you will save hundreds of dollars each and every year when compared to the cost of a monitoring service.


Save Dollars – What is the cost of an ambulance trip and an emergency room visit?

By calling friends or family to help in the event of a fall you can save an ambulance trip and hospital charges.


Save Time – Save time when contacting family or friends or even 911 because they are called directly instead of being connected by a call center. Minutes count in the event of an emergency.


Portable Take this system with you when traveling to family or another location. Just plug it in and you are ready to go.


Comfort – Provide comfort in speaking with someone in the event of an emergency instead of pressing a button and waiting for help to arrive.

No Landline- No problem – Optional Blue Tooth Adapter for your cell phone is available. Use your cell phone to call when there is an emergency. CLICK HERE for more information.

Convenient- Carry the pendant with you all around your house and yard. When your phone rings just press the button on the pendant and answer the phone, just like using a cordless phone. No more running to the phone or getting out of your chair to answer a call.

Simple To Use – With one simple button to press it is much easier to use than dialing a phone under stressful conditions.

It’s simple for children to use and those with memory or vision issues.

The possible uses and benefits are tremendous!!


Best Senior Medical Alert System Available – No Charges Per Month – #1 Rated

No Monthly Fees - Talk Through Pendant

No Monthly Fees – Talk Through Pendant

Best Senior Medical Alert System Available – No Charges Per Month – #1 Rated

The Best Senior Medical Alert System Available – No Charges Per Month – #1 Rated – 2-Way Communication Through The Pendant – Long Range – Wear In Shower – No Bills – No Contracts and Never Another Charge – One Time Purchase Price for Life.

– – – – – – –

No Monthly Bills
Two Way Conversation Right Through The Panic Button
One Payment forever
No Contracts
Long Range
Clear Communication
Simple 1 Button Use

– – –
Be Safe – Medic Alert Pendant – Two-Way Voice – Long Range – Live Independent Longer – No Contracts

You can stay active and be protected. You can check your mailbox. You can go for walks. You can water your garden. With this two-way voice pendant you can be up to 600 feet from the base station and still be protected.

If an emergency happens, press the button on the pendant. Then talk and listen through the pendant. You tell responders what your needs are. Don’t shout. Just normal phone-like conversation.

You don’t have to talk to strangers either. In an emergency you can talk with a loved one, a caregiver, whoever you want. The system allows up to four custom numbers and/or 911 to be called in an emergency.

Best of all, no monthly payments. No long term contracts. You don’t have to have a monitoring service.

– – –


NOW you can even answer incoming calls with the wireless 2-way pendant !

The BEST Medical Alert-
Finally if you have fallen and can’t get up you can call for help without having to pay a monthly fee. No Bills EVER. Buy the System and Never Pay Another Penny.

The BEST Medical Alert-
– Talk Through The Pendant – Over 600 Foot Range – Answer The Phone With The Pendant – Wear It In The Shower.

The BEST Medical Alert-
Talking Through Your Panic Button Sounds Amazing. It is! It is Now Possible and Available with NO Monthly Charges. Seniors love the savings and security it provides.

The BEST Medical Alert-
A Panic Button that you can Talk Through? Is it possible? Yes. We have provided thousands to seniors all across the country. This system has the longest range in the industry and with No Monthly Monitoring Charges. What else could you want?

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The BEST Medical Alert-
There Is Now An Emergency Panic Button with Full Two-Way Voice Communication. Yes! You Can Talk Through It!

The Comfort Of Being Able To Speak With Your Loved One When There Is An Emergency Is The Most Amazing Advancement in Medical Alert Technology In 30 years.

Full Two-Way Voice Communication Through An Emergency Medical Alert Pendant.

Give the Gift Of A Comforting Voice While Waiting For An Ambulance or Emergency Assistance.

The BEST Medical Alert-
Your loved one has fallen in the back yard or in the bathroom….they press their panic button and wait…The time drags on — the stress mounts — does anyone know they need help?—- the heart races — until they hear the siren sound.

With all the medical alert system that you pay monitoring service fees for, your loved one will lay there and wait to hear the siren.

Wouldn’t it be comforting for your loved ones to be able to TALK to someone in the meantime? The ability to hear a comforting voice letting them know help is on the way is a great feature for your loved ones.

This system allows full two-way communication through the wearable Emergency Pendant Phone. Now your loved ones can actually talk with someone while help is on the way, even if they are in the back yard or at the mailbox

The BEST Medical Alert- has NO MONTHLY FEES

– 600 foot range
– Wear the Pendant in the shower
– Calls friends, family or 911 (your option)

You just don’t have to pay monthly monitoring fees or be tied to contracts anymore !

The BEST Medical Alert-

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