Senior Citizen Organizations Provide Medical Alert Systems to Needy- No More Fees.

Lady Wearing The Medical AlertSenior Citizen Organizations Provide Medical Alert Systems to Needy- No More Fees.


Senior Organization – Caregivers – Churches – Fire Departments – Provide Medical Alert Systems for Seniors with No Monthly Charges.

Organizations all over the U.S. and Canada are now realizing they can provide Medical Alert Systems to Seniors without having to pay the Monthly Charges that are being charged by the Big Monitoring Companies.

These systems call Friends, Family or 911 directly if needed. This allows the senior to get help quickly without the monthly expense.

The No Monthly Fee Senior Alert System Is Finally Here. Assistive Technology Services LLC announces this new technology that will save millions of seniors thousands of dollars every year.

Advancements in technology now allows seniors to own their medical alert system and not be tied to a medical alert monitoring service. This frees the seniors and their families from having to be tied into lengthy and costly multi-year contracts that cost thousands of dollars for the user.

Assistive Technology Services LLC now provides a unique two-way talk through medical alert pendant with a very long range (600 feet – two football fields) if coverage.

The pendant, when pressed will call friends, family or even 911 if needed. This saves time and money for the user.

Pacemaker safe, long range and water resistance makes this the perfect safety solution for millions of seniors all over the world.

Lightwieght & Waterproof

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For more information call 615-562-0043 or
on the Internet.


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