Unbelievable Savings In New Senior Medical Alert!!!

Assistive Technology Services’s New Medical Alert System Saves Seniors Time, Money, Hassle, And Most Importantly Lives!!!

For Hospitals Or For Individual Use – This Product Protects Seniors Like No Other

With an estimated 8,000,000 ER Visits annually due to fall and fall-related issues – Something needed to be done quickly to counteract the Monthly Fee Medical Alert market pulling in over $1,000 every three years from senior-citizens. Finally – a No Monthly Fee Medical Alert – See details below – click link – go to site!

Assistive Technology Services Medical Alert – Talk Thru – LightWeight – 24/7 Protection for Seniors

When it comes to monthly payments, monthly plans, monthly maintenance fees, and hidden fees – Cell Phone, Health Care, Rental Car, and Medical Alert Companies corner that market on this – costing you thousands over your lifetime.

Assistive Technology Services System with No Monthly Fees

I remember the first time (about 12 years ago) a major rental car company (I won’t mention the name) – asked me, “Sir, would you like Insurance.” I thought to myself – sure I WOULD LIKE INSURANCE – what I didn’t realize is that many standard POLICIES already cover you for this – in other words it was WASTED MONEY to sign up for a $39.95 insurance plan for 1 day when I ALREADY HAD COVERAGE! Many other markets do the same thing – you pay extra for something you simply do not need. The Medical Alert Industry is just like that . . . Why pay a monthly fee and connect with someone at a Call Center that you do not even know when SINGLE PRICE Technology is now available that connects your Loved One directly to YOU and/or 911 (your choice) – we can even do both via a flip of a switch.

The all new 2-Way ATS MEDICAL ALERT that features:

* Press 1-Blue Button and you’re immediately connected to Loved One or 911 (up to 4 pre-programmed numbers)
* Water Resistant – Shower Ready
* Comes with Wrist strap, Lanyard and Belt clip
* No Monthly Fees
* Can program for Loved Ones, 911, or both
* It even calls you and informs you when the battery is getting low – WOW!


Or Call Toll Free 1-866-927-3577

When it comes to medical alerts – some industry leaders claim the average senior pays between $1,000 to $3,000 over their lifetime for a Medical Alert Device due to unnecessary monthly fees. New technology has arrived.

Assistive Technology Services is the answer and offers the lowest total cost of ownership + it’s enhanced to offer features never before offered in decades past. Now – technology and price has met and it’s the best Christmas Gift combination for Mom, Dad, Grandma, or Grandpa on the market. Whether you’re in New York City, New Deli, New Hampshire, or Newfoundland – your senior relative or friend will appreciate the flexibility, simplicity and innovation of this high-tech product!

Installs within minutes and works great in the shower (Water-Resistant)

Just ONE FEE and then IT’s FREE

Just Pay ONE TIME No Hidden Costs – No Extra FEES – Just ONE-PRICE. . . Forever.

Finally Safety, Ingenuity, and Affordability all Rolled up into one Package – The No Monthly Fees Medical Alert!!!



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