Shower Ready Medical Alert – Answer Phone While in Shower – 911 Emergency Panic Dialer HELPS Senior

A Water-Resistant Panic Button that you can Talk Through? Is it possible? It Is With ATS!

911 Panic Phone Mini-Portable-Powerful 600 Foot(2 Football Field) Range-Wireless Senior Panic Button

Whether your Loved One is at Home – in an Independent Living or Assisted Living Facility – or at a Retirement Community – having 24/7 connection night and day – 365 days a year is Mission Critical!

Answer Phone w/MEDICAL ALERT What? Yes Even Answers Phone:Panic Dialer 911 Alert for LIFE & Living!

Emergency Wrist Alarm Pendant : No Monthly Fees : Summon Help Quickly : Assist Senior Independence

Medical Alert Answer:

* Press 1 Button & auto-dials up to 4#’s + 911
* EVEN ANSWERS PHONE – WOW – WOW – Just press button and you talk thru pendant
* Works in Shower
* Works well (crystal clear DECT Reception) anywhere in or around home

Don’t depend on luck in an emergency! This wrist alarm pendant can not only summon help quickly, but you can speak with them!

The lightweight wrist pendant provides clear two-way voice communication up to 600 feet from the base station. You can talk through the pendant. Just like with a phone. You tell emergency responders what you need.

You don’t have to hide in your home to be protected. You can stay active. Walk your dog. Chat with neighbors. Rest in a deck chair. And still be protected.

This system doesn’t require a costly monitoring service.

You can choose up to four phone numbers and/or 911 to be dialed in an emergency. Instead of talking with a stranger, talk with a family member, a caregiver, or whoever else you want.

The BEST Medical Alert-

A Panic Button that you can Talk Through? Is it possible? Yes. We have provided thousands to seniors all across the country. This system has the longest range in the industry and with No Monthly Monitoring Charges. What else could you want?




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