Mini Wearable Alarm Phone – 911 Emergency Medi Alert for LIFE -Press Button Panic Dialer-Get Loved One

Elderly Fall Alarm Uses Two-Way Voice Pendant – Get Help in RUSH – No Monthly Fees – Assisted Living

According to CDC Center for Disease Control – One in every Three seniors (ages 65+) fall every single year in the USA – Good News now is that there’s HELP.

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No one can be with you 24/7. It just isn’t possible.

This fall alarm system can easily get you help. FAST!

If you had an emergency, press the button on the pendant. Then you talk with emergency responders through the pendant!

It is that easy to get help. The lightweight pendant comes with a lanyard and a belt clip. It is easily worn. Because it is water resistant, you can wear it in the shower!

The pendant provides clear, two-way voice communication up to 600 feet away from the base station. You don’t have to shout at a distant base station. You talk and listen through the pendant. Just like with a phone.

But unlike a phone, you don’t have to look up a name in list. You don’t have to remember the number. You don’t have to try to open it. You just press the single button on the pendant and talk.

ADVANCED MEDICAL ALERT – High DECT Quality – Low FEE (Free after 1 Payment!)

* No Monthly Bills / Invoices
* 2 Football Field Range from Base Station
* Shower Ready
* Auto-Dials up to 4#’s + 911 (if you choose)
* TALK & LISTEN Thru Pendant

Even answers phone for INCOMING CALLS!



The Comfort Of Being Able To Speak With Your Loved One When There Is An Emergency Is The Most Amazing Advancement in Medical Alert Technology In 30 years.

Give the Gift Of A Comforting Voice While Waiting For An Ambulance or Emergency Assistance.

This system allows full two-way communication through the wearable Emergency Pendant Phone. Now your loved ones can actually talk with someone while help is on the way, even if they are in the back yard or at the mailbox. .

The BEST Medical Alert-
The Freedom Alert has NO MONTHLY FEES

– 600 foot range
– Wear the Pendant in the shower
– Calls friends, family or 911 (your option)

You just don’t have to pay monthly monitoring fees or be tied to contracts anymore!

Call Toll Free 1-866-927-3577 Or Click:.


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