ATS Customers Are Smiling After Dealing With Kind & Caring Employees

Seniors Who Use Assistive Technology Services’s New Product Our Enjoying The Freedom Of Independent Living And They Are Loving It. If Your Senior Loved One Fell Today, How Long Would It Be Before You Knew About It?

Senior Wearing The Touch N' Talk Pendant

With ATS Medical Alert, It Would Be Immediately! This Medical Alert Dialer Allows Seniors To Program The Pendant To Dial Loved Ones Phone Numbers After A Fall And Then They Can Talk/Listen To Them.

This Medical Alarm Dialer uses technology that allows you to COMMUNICATE with your loved one and/or 911 with 2-way voice. You talk and listen through the pendant. The pendant can be 600 feet from the dialer and still work.

You control who is called by selecting up to four numbers to be called and/or 911.

This system doesn’t have monthly fees. Why pay and pay for the same thing?

SINGLE BUTTON – Push and Talk Medical Alert

A no monthly fee medical alerting system? That’s right. Take advantage of this exclusive offer to OWN a medical alert that’s yours to keep.


OR CALL TOLL FREE 866-927-3577

The worlds first no monthly fee medical alert system with a waterproof pendant that you can actually talk through just like a cordless phone.

– 600 foot range
– Calls the numbers that you want it to call in the event of an emergency (friends, family or even 911)
– Waterproof pendant you can shower with
– No monthly fee to use it. Buy the system and it is yours forever and there is never another charge to use it.

Why pay $29-$49 each month for a system when you don’t have to?

This system will work with a normal telephone line or VOIP phone lines.

Works in Canada and most other countries.

Has a battery backup so there is always a connection to your phone line.

Free yourself with this medical alert
Free from Monthly Fees
Free yourself to roam up to 600 feet away from the base unit
Free yourself to carry this with you in the shower, on your wrist, in a belt clip or on the arm of a wheelchair.

The all new 2-Way ATS MEDICAL ALERT that features:

* Press 1-Blue Button and you’re immediately connected to Loved One or 911 (up to 4 pre-programmed numbers)
* Water Resistant – Shower Ready
* Comes with Wrist strap, Lanyard and Belt clip
* No Monthly Fees
* Can program for Loved Ones, 911, or both
* It even calls you and informs you when the battery is getting low – WOW!

ORCALL TOLL FREE 866-927-3577


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