New Medical Alert ITEM – 911 Panic Emergency Dialer That Seniors Can Wear Around Neck – Summons HELP With 1 Button

Sometimes the latest technology can be offered at the lowest pricing!

Medical Alert:

* Low initial ONE-TIME FEE
* No Monthly Fees
* 2-Way Communications TALK/LISTEN Thru Pendant
* Programmable up to 4#’s + 911 (if you choose) – auto dials when press 1 button
* Up to 600 foot (2 football field) range from base station (i.e. attached to phone)

By using advanced DECT the lightweight pendant can provide clear two-way voice communication up to 600 feet away from the base station. You can talk and listen to emergency responders through the pendant.

If you were in an emergency, just press the button on the pendant. Then you tell them what you need.

Getting help can be that easy.

No more shouting at a distant base station. No looking up a name in a list. No trying to remember the number to dial. Just press the button and talk.

This system doesn’t require a costly monitoring service.

You control who is called in an emergency. This system allows you to choose up to four phone numbers and/or 911 to be dialed. Choose a caregiver, loved one or whoever you want.

The lightweight pendant comes with a lanyard and a belt clip. Because the pendant is water resistant you can wear it in the shower.


The BEST Medical Alert-
There Is Now An Emergency Panic Button with Full Two-Way Voice Communication. Yes! You Can Talk Through It!

The Comfort Of Being Able To Speak With Your Loved One When There Is An Emergency Is The Most Amazing Advancement in Medical Alert Technology In 30 years.

Full Two-Way Voice Communication Through An Emergency Medical Alert Pendant.

Give the Gift Of A Comforting Voice While Waiting For An Ambulance or Emergency Assistance.

Your loved one has fallen in the back yard or in the bathroom….they press their panic button and wait…The time drags on — the stress mounts — does anyone know they need help?—- the heart races — until they hear the siren sound.

This system allows full two-way communication through the wearable Emergency Pendant Phone. Now your loved ones can actually talk with someone while help is on the way, even if they are in the back yard or at the mailbox

The BEST Medical Alert-
This Medical Alert Has NO MONTHLY FEES

– 600 foot range
– Wear the Pendant in the shower
– Calls friends, family or 911 (your option)

You just don’t have to pay monthly monitoring fees or be tied to contracts anymore !


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